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Green Schools Project

Green Schools Project, funded in part by the Government of Canada.
Green Schools Project, Association of Energy Engineers 2020 Award Winner
College Campus

Aenergy Capital specializes in delivering sustainability, building renewal, efficiency savings and renewable energy generation through solar photovoltaic arrays for K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

The Green Schools Project is focused on creating value through energy savings and modernizing the learning environment.  The Project was started in 2017 with a 15-school pilot program in conjunction with the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta. Aenergy Capital identified school-specific energy use profiles through a proprietary energy analysis, Energy Star Portfolio Manager enrollment, facility walk-through assessment with engineering partners and an in-depth client report.

Aenergy Capital's 2019 Green Schools Project is delivering lighting and mechanical controls retrofits funded in part by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The program is offered to schools, school districts and universities for hundreds of buildings in towns and cities across Alberta. Installations under the 2019 Green Schools Project will take place through March 31, 2024. 

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