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Sustainable Waste

Cement plant, typical of Bow Bioenergy RDF customers.
Bow Bioenergy Corporation logo, the globe featuring the Americas bounded by leaves.

Working with industry partners and communities, Aenergy Capital through Bow Bioenergy Corporation is developing regional low carbon fuel (LCF) for cement manufacturing and energy supply (RNG and clean power) in conjunction with waste material recovery facilities (MRV).


Bow Bioenergy is a midstream operator, building, owning and operating LCF facilities which process MSW and ICI waste streams to recover recyclable commodities, manufacture LCF, and generate energy.


Projects represent tens of millions of dollars in capital investment, dozens of well-paid jobs and landfill fraction waste reduction of tens of thousands of tonnes.

Plants are fully enclosed for quiet year-round operations with benign fugitive dust and process emissions.

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