Low Carbon Fuel

cement factory at night .jpg

Aenergy Capital through its Bow Bioenergy venture is developing regional LCF manufacturing plants proximal to waste supply and customers.


Bow Bioenergy is a midstream operator, building, owning and operating LCF plants. Each plant accepts MSW for a tipping fee and delivers specified inert solid LCF to clients under term contracts.


Projects represent tens of millions of dollars in capital investment, dozens of well-paid jobs and landfill fraction waste reduction of tens of thousands of tonnes.

At each LCF plant waste is introduced from a tipping floor to a series of systems including (1) grind and shred, (2) remove metals, plastics, glass and inert materials, and (3) process through a high pressure and temperature vessel to deliver a sterilized homogeneous LCF. 


Plants are located on less than ten acres and are fully enclosed for quiet year-round operations with benign fugitive dust and process emissions.