• Project Financial / Risk Assessment / Analysis

  • Project Development Strategies / Management

  • Joint Venture Strategies / Negotiation

  • Energy Supply, Offtake & Service Agreements

  • Strategies & Structuring for Project Financing

  • Credit Enhancement Strategies & Procurement

  • Portfolio Securitization Advisory & Placement

  • Engineering / Procurement Strategies

  • Arrangement of Project & Construction Financing

  • Placement of Project Risk Mezzanine Financing

  • Arrangement of Construction Takeout Financing

  • Vendor Sales Financing

Highlighted Experience


Developed and managed five Canadian recovered heat power plants

​Developed, refurbished and privatized power and CHP projects


Developed and managed pipeline infrastructure, natgas trading hubs and energy supply

Developed and financed a geothermal resource


Originated and managed a Canadian securitization trust for retail/com HVAC & DHW equipment

Co-founded a US/CA sanitary waste company listed NYSE until acquired


Originated and managed CA/US oil and gas reservoir production financings

Originated and managed CHP, solar, wind and hydro generation project financings