About Us

Aenergy Capital is a merchant bank for communities, institutions and companies 


We identify and catalyze opportunities to invest in the sustainability sector


We deliver innovative programs for growing the low carbon economy


We advise and partner with clients driving innovation and creating economic value


We partner with industry leaders for technology excellence


Our investment horizon is long term in anticipation of attractive financial returns 

Our success rests on strong values and shared vision with clients and partners

Our Focus

With an underlying passion for sustainability, we presently advise, develop and capitalize:

  • connected and behind meter solar

  • energy efficiency for buildings

  • cogeneration for buildings/industry

  • engineered low carbon fuel

  • grid connected geothermal 


Aenergy Capital integrates internal capacity for marketing, development, analysis, finance and project management with the expertise of project partners.


Our team is comprised of project 

bankers, infrastructure and resource

developers, lawyers, accountants, analysts and c-suite executives.