Project Development

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Aenergy Capital is a project originator, developer and financier. We walk the walk.


We offer clients the very skills we apply to develop our projects. Our capacity to provide development services was built in developing environmental and energy infrastructure on four continents. If you are a passive investor or simply new to the game, we are pleased to fill in the gaps.

A partial list of project development services includes:

  • Project conceptualization and consultation, from napkin drawing to financial closing, to align interests, mitigate risks and deliver superior financial value.

  • Development planning, key gates, money at risk minimization and team building.

  • Project management, from task delivery to administration of scheduling, resources analysis, and costs verification.

  • Project agreements from the first MOU to offtake agreements; engineering, procurement and construction; and project financing.

Aenergy Capital is in the business of project management. From project charter through authorization for expenditure and financial closing to acceptance and operations, we do it all. We are practiced at delivering best possible outcomes in terms of quality, time, cost and safety.


The primary constraint on innovation is risk. We focus on reducing implementation, performance and financial risk through the development process with a view to entire project life.


We team with leading consulting engineers, design build contractors, project managers, subject matter experts to best deliver your project. Our understanding of businesses and technologies coupled with capable program partners enables you to deliver projects reliably.